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I believe that one of the easiest and most economical ways to create a new look and bring warmth and pizzazz into a room, is to paint the walls with color! White walls can be beautiful in the right house, with the right decor, but they can be very cold too. Color can be used to create a coziness, to calm, to excite or to stimulate creative thinking. It just depends on the colors that you choose.

I am extremely familiar with the Devine Color Palette, as well as the New ColorEvolution (made by Miller Paint), and Sherwin Williams too!  I also carry fan decks of Benjamin Moore and a few others as well.  So finding the right color will be easy.

I started out as a color consultant, but quickly expanded my services to interior design and décor as well.  Over the past thirteen years of owning my own interior decorating and design consulting business I have found that no job is too small that I can assist on.  Whether it is only color for the walls, ceiling and trim or coordinating all the products for a beautiful space, I can do as much or as little as you need help with.

Since I started color consulting in 2001, I have designed entire interiors for Olympia Smiles, Vista Oncology Clinic (West Side Olympia), The Polo Club Apartments (Yelm Highway, Olympia), the Wave Auto Detail Express and many custom and Award winning Homes.  I have also consulted on the Exterior Selections, such as the paint colors, roofing material and color, cultured stone and gutter colors.  Yes, I can help coordinate all of that for you!


My fee is simply $85.00 per hour with an hour minimum.  When I purchase décor items I charge for my time shopping and decorating but do not add additional charges to the décor items.

I look forward to hearing from you and making your house a home and your office a space that you’ll love to spend time in!


Diane Peck

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 Color Consulting & Design by Diane

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